“Our publications and web presence greatly improved when we switched agencies to Precision Design.”

Palermo-375“For many years our Chamber of Commerce utilized a Philadelphia firm to sell, design and produce our Chamber publications. At first, our board of directors was afraid to attempt change since revenue from these publications is a major part of our annual budgets. However, when Precision Design took over, not only did advertising revenues increase sharply at a time of economic downturn, but the publications took on a much more professional look that was immediately noticed and praised by our membership. We have not even considered another agency since Precision Design came on board and expect to continue our relationship with the agency for many, many years to come. It’s refreshing to have an agency that cares more about its clients than the bottom line.”

since 1999

Publisher of bi-annual Chamber image books
Publisher of bi-annual Chamber regional map
Web development, support and consulting
Identity campaigns

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