SEO Search Engine Opimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial because there are more businesses on the Internet than ever before, and all of them are fighting for the same customers.

Proper SEO has become incredibly complex, but we'll try to explain it brefly here...

google-bing-yahooFirst of all, think about SEO in terms of "content" rather than "optimization." That means your web site has to be sure to include the actual words for the products and services being offered (along with common variations), as well as the geographic location for which they are being offered. For example, "Hazleton chiropractor Dr. John Smith" is a better phrase than just "Dr. Smith".

You'd be surprised how many times we find web sites created by others that don't even mention the name (and common naming variants) of the product or service being promoted! It's startling easy to overlook.

SEO involves experience and skill, making changes to the unseen coding of your web site, the naming of web pages, as well as the actual content of each page and the way links are presented to the viewers.

Carefully made changes can help your company be listed on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo – rather than much further down – resulting in many more visitors to your web site.

But remember that SEO is a process, not an event... you will have to keep after it on a regular basis in order to be sure you don't slip down in web ranking.

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