Community Publications

port_imgbkthWhen you're trying to attract new businesses or new residents, or just trying to reach out to your current market, a community publication can be the perfect project.

Maps, image books, recreation guides – they can be valuable tools that represent and market your area. And because they're of interest to an entire community, they can be an excellent way to reach wide audiences.

Precision Design has a proven track record of delivering professional, glossy publications for chambers of commerce, economic development groups and individual and groups of municipalities. Whether your distribution list is a few hundred people or thousands, we have experience in producing community publications that provide value to your audience and your advertisers.

We handle all the steps involved in your community publication. Take advantage of our professional photography, copywriting and graphic design. We'll also sell and design the advertisements that can help you pay for your publication. From concepting through printing and distribution, Precision Design handles it all.

The pieces we design will help you achieve the clean, professional look you want and bring information about your area to the market you seek.


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