Blog Creation

Looking to start a blog? Properly planned and executed, a blog can be an important part of your online marketing strategy, reaching millions of potential customers with your company's message quickly and easily.

What's a blog and how is it different from a web site?

Well, it is a web site... it may even be a part of your existing site (

But a blog is much more than a web site... it is powered by special online software that makes it easy for you to login securely, post new articles, edit existing articles, upload photos and add videos.

Precision Design can design your blog and install and setup the blogging software safely and securely on your web server or ours. We'll show you how to use the software, make a post and upload stuff.

Why would I want a blog?

A common reason for setting up a blog is to help drive Internet traffic to your main web site. Your main web site will get its own traffic, but blogs are by their nature fast changing and updated frequently with bits of news and information, which makes them much more appetizing to the search engines.

For example, a personal injury lawyer may run a blog where he talks about the latest news and events in personal injury law. Even though the blog is interesting because it contains many articles about all kinds of personal injury news, its real goal is to get new clients for the lawyer. The blog generates search engine traffic which makes the law firm show up better in search engines. The content of the blog instills confidence in those visitors that this lawyer is an expert on personal injury law. In turn, that should make the lawyer's phone ring.

Maintaining a blog

To be most effective, your blog should be updated regularly with relevant news or information. A blog that is not updated will lose its power in the search engines. You can outsource the writing of your blog, or even have an intern do it, but you must always remember that once an article is published on the blog, it is public, so be sure to properly proofread your articles before publishing them.

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