Precision Design Launches New Mobile-Friendly Hazleton Public Transit Website

HPT websitePrecision Design of Hazleton developed and launched a new, mobile-responsive website for Hazleton Public Transit (HPT) which features easy access to the transportation department’s weekday and weekend bus schedules as well as a new mobile app called “Where’s My Bus.”  To view the website, visit

HPT’s website features the “Where’s My Bus” app which is also known as myStop. It allows riders to select one of HPT’s scheduled bus routes and determine where the bus is at that moment along the route. The new website also provides efficient access to schedules and maps for the department’s 14 regular bus routes. The responsive design of the website enables people to view bus schedules that are optimized individually for both mobile and desktop viewing.

The website offers information in English and Spanish about the department’s services, bus fares and rider information. The services page educates riders about HPT’s fixed route services and demand-response service option for people with disabilities. A fares section shows riders the current cost to ride the bus and provides prices for individual bus trips as well as the 10-ride and 20-ride ticket packages.

A riders guide section gives patrons information about how to catch the bus, how to pay for the bus, how to get off the bus and how to transfer to a different bus route during their trip. An advertising section provides prices, sizes and exact location information for HPT’s full bus, king size, queen size, rear and interior display bus advertising options and information on advertising on the interior and exterior walls of its bus shelters.

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